Let’s go jogging

First time I went running was on a summer holiday. I was staying at my cousins’ family in New York. My aunt is a good cook, there was food everywhere I looked and I didn’t want to put on weight and decided that some exercise would help.

So, I thought, I might as well try running. It can’t be that hard, I saw runners in the parks,  it’s something that everyone can do, plus it’s handy. You don’t need any special equipment either. There was a park nearby- actually they were living in the middle of a park, I just had to walk out from the building. Which I did at about  9 in the morning. I started jogging very slowly. I jogged around a playground, passed a few squirrels. It was very nice for about 5 minutes. Then I felt like stopping and sitting down on the grass. My calves started to hurt and I just wanted to head back. There were other joggers around who seemed to take it seriously and I felt quite stupid being so lazy. I kept going and after some time which felt like ages I turned back home.

Stepping into the apartment I felt incredibly proud. I really did it, now it’s official. I’m a runner.