Glimpse into your lifestyle

There are so many things that define our lifestyle. One of my favorite examples is eating habits. What people eat reveals a lot about them. Not only their taste but their also their choices.

 It has become especially important since the food industry started booming in a way that they offer endless range of products. Before this era people’s nutrition mainly depended on their access to food and the quality that they could afford. Meanwhile nowadays the vast majority of the western world’s society can afford to choose from an uncountable number of relatively cheap products. Instead of eating what serves their lifestyle and daily physical exercise best they go for comfort. Furthermore our taste has been modified by all the process food we have been introduced to in the last decades. Flavors are enhanced so much that we don’t even remember the original tastes. You are what you eat- they say. It means that all those artificial ingredients become part of our body- and existence.

We all know these and have our individual attitude. Some of us are just ignorant, since this is the way the world is set up today. Is it worth all that energy to try to find out what would make you healthy when you have so much to do every day that all that you have time for is to eat something you get access to? Of course most people consider paying more attention to their diet when they have a reason to. Having health problems, which are related to being overweight or undernourished are the most common symptoms that we have to deal with in the 21th century. When an illness makes us think about it we might try to change our eating and exercise routine. And there are plenty of fashionable diet trends to help us. Except that they just make you feel confused. What one recommends, the other one would forbid. The more you learn about healthy lifestyle the more you feel that it’s probably best to enjoy your life and put up with the results of civilization diseases as there is no right way to prevent them. Unless you move into one of those communities where people live for a hundred years by eating sparsely, having no stress, remaining active and being a member of a close community.

 Is there any solution for the right kind of change which anyone can accomplish regardless their age and circumstances? I believe there is. All those diets share one common thing. They generalize people. Either making groups or just give us advice as if we were uniform: here are the steps that you need to follow to become healthy and slim-they all say. But they don’t fit everybody. As I mentioned at the beginning- we all have our taste, our approach and our body works in its own, unique way. I think we should respect that. This way it becomes much easier to understand how we can be good to ourselves. By listening to the responses that our body gives to the way we treat it. This is how we can create our own custom- made diet. Listening to your body is fundamental to learn how to improve its performance. This may sound complicated, but a guide can make it easier for you.