Did you like P.E. classes?


I didn’t. I just hated them. Every day we had a P.E. class in high school I dreaded the moment we entered the changing room. Especially climbing the rope. That was a skill I never mastered. And sit ups, push ups, cross-country running, jumping and the kind. I always had the feeling that there is something wrong with the system here that girls have to do hard stuff like this.

For a few month I have had a new addiction. It’s called Cross Fit. The training schedule is simple. We do push ups, deadlifts, jumping, running, sit-ups… I love it. So simple, so straightforward. I just have to focus and do it. Amazing how effective it can be. All these movements create a sequence and it just falls into place at once. I tell everyone that they have to try it. You simply will have a fresh attitude to those I-hate-it-so-much exercises because they turn out to be really good for you:)


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