Do you know how to cook?

Because I don’t. I keep thinking I just want to eat something nice and healthy. So I start to think of matching flavors, colours, textures. It is fun. The thing is that food has personality. And we have to respect that. They cannot be forced to go well together if they simply don’t. So you just need to use your senses. Maybe you have to find your senses first. And then use them.




The world APPLE is most associated today with something that has very little to do with the fruit itself, but at least the real thing is still there in their logo.¬†When is the last time you bit into a nice, big, fresh apple? I’m doing it right now and I must say it never gets boring.

Many years ago my granddad asked me in a really sweet way: My dear, you never get tired of those apples? No, grandpa, I don’t. I just love them. I love their simplicity, their straightforwardness, their genuine look. They give you comfort. You start eating an apple and immediately feel more relaxed. Wherever you are. It is just something you’ve always had.

It is said to be very healthy as well. Everyone knows, right? An apple every day.. They come in so many different colours and tastes. I have my favourites but also like to shop around for new flavours. The good old types and the new breeds. Always up for them whatever season is in. Pure delight.

I think it does make sense to me that those guys named their company after such a wonderful piece of fruit. An apple every day..