Why organize?


Really, why? When you spend so much time putting things away, blah-blah-blah and in about two seconds it`s all a mess again. Yeah, I know. I think about it sometimes, too. But it is just a miracle to me when I wake up in the middle of the night that my feet are cold and I want to put on THOSE thick socks, the ones with the stripes  on them, and I reach into the drawer without turning the light on, knowing exactly where they are, putting them on, and the whole thing took me  less than a minute. Half asleep. That`s pretty good, right? That`s what I mean. Being organized makes things soo much smoother, faster and easier. Plus your kitchen will start looking like the ones in the designer magazines.  I love that. It saves me time, money, gives me space, piece of mind etc. Just think about your fridge. If everything is neat and tidy you always know what you have at home and nothing will be rotting away in the back of the shelf because you`ve completely forgotten about it. Same thing with your closet. Simply by folding your tops and organizing them by the colour it`ll take you no time to find the one you want to wear. There are no limits to the advantages of being conscious and having a system around you. Sure, building the system takes time, but then it`s just basic maintenance. And building it is actually fun. I looove building these systems. That`s what it`s all about. Step by step, you just add one more thing to the routine. You would like that world-class looking closet, surely, wouldn`t you?