Let’s go jogging

First time I went running was on a summer holiday. I was staying at my cousins’ family in New York. My aunt is a good cook, there was food everywhere I looked and I didn’t want to put on weight and decided that some exercise would help.

So, I thought, I might as well try running. It can’t be that hard, I saw runners in the parks,  it’s something that everyone can do, plus it’s handy. You don’t need any special equipment either. There was a park nearby- actually they were living in the middle of a park, I just had to walk out from the building. Which I did at about  9 in the morning. I started jogging very slowly. I jogged around a playground, passed a few squirrels. It was very nice for about 5 minutes. Then I felt like stopping and sitting down on the grass. My calves started to hurt and I just wanted to head back. There were other joggers around who seemed to take it seriously and I felt quite stupid being so lazy. I kept going and after some time which felt like ages I turned back home.

Stepping into the apartment I felt incredibly proud. I really did it, now it’s official. I’m a runner.



Standing In Line at the Cashier

Standing in line at the cashier there was a young woman in front of me, who had long hair, pale, acne-prone skin and was slightly overweight. I tried to guess what kind of things she was getting and checking out her basket I saw some frozen fries, frozen nuggets, white toast bread,  ham, fizzy drinks, and some sweets. Our great-grandmothers wouldn’t have found anything edible in that selection.

I also see a lot of women in offices, who are trying to lose weight by following different diets. There are so many- from the low-carb to the caveman style. Depending which one appeals to them, they do one after another for a while. However I have met only one of them who started thinking about a change in her cooking style to find her own healthy diet. What I really like is that she is doing it learning how to achieve her goals by implementing recommendations to create her own diet.

I need to look good for the bikini-season or a party and I am trying this new diet or go to the gym twice a week or take fat-burning pills or have a treatment which kills cellulite without any exercise. The list is endless and probably sounds familiar. I just don’t know anyone who accomplished long-term results by any of these. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t met them, or maybe because the way to get what you want is different. Maybe it’s an ancient secret that has been there for thousands of years.

Maybe it’s something that you have always been able to do, just haven’t been practicing for so many years, like riding the bike. But it doesn’t mean that you have forgotten how to do it.

Why do I think that your appearance, your weight, your level of fitness are important? Why am I talking about diet and exercise as ways of improving the quality of life? Because by gradually changing these there are positive side-effects: you are building self-respect and learn how to teach yourself other things.

What is this method then which is a fundamental skill to learn and use?

It’s simply the way to remember how to work with your body and not against it.

This is what we were all doing when we were babies, and little children. So  it must have been fairly easy.